Doja Cat knows how to put the exclusive “e” in event as she was bent on making her 27th birthday as inside as inside gets. Doja Cat hosts a masquerade illuminati-themed birthday gala, managing to pull out a huge list of big names to attend. Friday night the 22nd of November, the bash went down in WeHo at the Raspoutine on Melrose in Los Angeles, the hot spot for anything enlightened these days, and the host came through big time. Spotting a gold mask adorned with more feathers than your average peacock.

In fact, almost all her guests stood up to the event, holding strong to the faith. They all showed up in masks, thankfully not the kind we had to wear during the pandemic.

You’d think that was all there was to this elite air of events, to add to it was Doja’s birthday cake; a massive black and gold covered 3-tiered dessert, adorned with gold freemason and illuminati symbols. Shawn Mendes, being the needle in the haystack, was the only celeb who didn’t get the memo as he pulled up with a very different theme of his own.

“I love everybody here. Thank you so much for coming. It means the world to me,” she said before joking. “I’m turning seven today. I don’t look it, but I am, I swear,” she said, as she brought down the curtains to the ritual ceremony.